MIDAS at UC Davis

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The MIDAS Project at UC Davis is funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Award: 52008715-0

What is Inclusive Excellence?

Howard Hughes Medical Institute defines Inclusive Excellence and Inclusion as:


Inclusive Excellence: An institutional end goal and core dynamic stance that predisposes and positions the institution and the individuals within it to desire, actively foster, recognize, and require the actions and outcomes that are: (1) necessary for inclusion to occur, and (2) indistinguishable from excellence. 

Inclusion: More than being able to participate, a pervasive culture that clearly communicates that a person is welcomed and that the institution expects the person to be successful. 

Read more about our thoughts on Inclusive Excellence here.

The MIDAS (Multidimensional Instructional Development for Achievement and Success) Project at UC Davis utilizes novel digital analytics tools and expertise to strengthen UC Davis' Inclusive Excellence practices in line with UC Davis' established investments into supporting non-traditional pathways to higher education.